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Home for the Elderly

With an elderly population and an increasing load on an already clichéd national health service, care for the elderly is a growing concern in Kenya. Families the length and breadth of the country are  facing the difficulty of what to do for their loved ones as they reach an age where some form of care is mandatory. It is a complex time for all concerned. An elderly person will struggle with the steady deterioration of their body and mind, rendering them vulnerable to not only physical but also mental ailment and conditions, such as depression and restlessness. Being unable to provide the support they may wish to can be a heartbreaking time for family members.

How can you help?

Help for cause

The elderly often necessitate specialized care and attention, from trained individuals, ranging from simple assistance around the house to full 24 hour care. As a porch for information regarding all aspects of care for the elderly, we are here to help you understand what are your options, where to start and who to talk to, how to choose among live-in and residential care, to ensure your loved one gets the best available health care. We can also  give you a chance to compare and contrast the costs of the  various options, and advice you on what Cardinal Otunga seniors home can do for you too.